Just 5 minutes into our first league match of the 2018/19 hockey season I managed to collide with an opposition player's stick. Concussion sucks and will most likely keep me off the pitch for a while yet. 

While I waited for my head to sort itself out I decided to play with my camera... giving me something to do on a Saturday. 

My concussion is now gone and so I'm back on the pitch but also don't want to put the camera down. This season will be a busy one, still taking pictures, but also trying to get a game where I can!

I'm still trying to figure stuff out - not least how to photograph under floodlights. I'm not a fan of floodlights!

I never expected to set up a site like this but a few people have asked about buying some of the photos...so here you are.  I hope Ravi would have approved.

H xx

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